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The future is U

Everyone is unique, but we can achieve a lot more when we work together. The people at this organisation are doing just that, in an effort to create a world free of disease. In fact, they are the trailblazers in this crucial fight. Their in-house researchers are both change-makers and lifesavers, making them the main focus of this event. These are the people working to shape our common future.

They are Unique, United & Unstoppable. The future is U.



Although COVID-19 tends to disrupt a lot of meetings, we didn’t let that stop us. Instead of cancelling, we organised the event in an innovative 3D environment attracting over 800 senior leaders! MCI developed a customised virtual platform offering an interactive user experience. We transformed the traditional offline experience into an online one, maintaining strong engagement before, during and after the event.

We developed the event identity, focusing on the people behind the organisation: Unique, United, Unstoppable. This slogan accurately reflects their drive and motivation, and serves as a recurring feature throughout the event.

MCI is a globally oriented engagement and marketing agency for live & virtual events.

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