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Wardtaal offers free-flowing creativity. So how will we apply our step-by-step approach to your particular assignment? It all starts with the first step: your question gets us thinking.

1 introduction

Getting to know each other is a natural but essential part of the process. This is where it all starts: a genuine sense of mutual curiosity and interest. Good questions, and honest answers.


2 analysis

This step is all about identifying objectives, exploring the playing field and gathering inspiration. After all, we need some solid ground beneath our feet in order to be effective and target-oriented.


3 strategy & concept

This is where we develop our strategy, design two concepts and choose the most suitable resource mix. Next, it’s time for a key moment in the process: the pitch. We love this step!


4 design

We perfect the chosen concept and elaborate it into a consistent visual language. Next, we harmonise and budget the resource mix. Now it’s time to elaborate the selected resources into final designs.


5 execution

Now, it’s time to send the designs to the developer, printer, stand builder, film maker or animator. We supervise our contractors every step of the process.