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Never enough color!

A cross-media campaign to highlight the collaboration between POLSPOTTEN and CARICE VAN HOUTEN. Brand, product, and personality in colorful harmony.



Travel, discover, and create – that is POLSPOTTEN. An unconventional design brand inspired by new discoveries and boundless fantasies. We are curious and open to the different. We design cheerful and airy items from a worldly perspective. Items that fill your living spaces with playfulness and light.

Fotography: Nine Ijff
Styling: Thomas Vermeer
Video: Laura Rijnties StickyStuffAgency
Make-up en haar: Ellen Romeijn & Magdalena Loza
Design: studio POLSPOTTEN
Talent Agency: loulou agency

Campagne, Concept, fotografie, grafisch ontwerp

A dynamic grid system serves as an additional visual layer for recognition and visual content, both online and offline. This creates a seamless connection between Product, Carice van Houten, and POLSPOTTEN.

By working with a clear division in composition, we are able to establish an additional connection towards the product and towards Carice as an individual. Think of this in terms of zig-zag and spot on-spot off. A limited edition with the attention and personal touch it deserves.

polspotten en Carice van Houten
polspotten en Carice van Houten
polspotten en Carice van Houten